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Le Mont

Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Nuits

  • 2019
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  • 2015
    • The Style of the Wine

      The Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Nuits appellation is on a roll, and offers fresh wines that can be drunk straight away. This Pinot Noir is cherry red in colour, with ruby glints. Depending on the year, the nose may evoke notes of cherry, blackcurrant, raspberry, wild strawberry, sloe and redcurrant, with light aromas of mint, liquorice, pepper and tobacco. The attack is supple and strong on the palate, with the texture of fleshy fruity and crisp, sometimes more full-bodied tannins. The finish is fresher, with notes of menthol and liquorice, which can develop into spicy aromas.

    • The Terroir

      The Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Nuits appellation is favourable for the expression of the two Burgundy grape varieties.
      Located above the village of Premeaux-Prissey, the single plot of 1 hectare facing south-east overlooks the hillside at 400 metres above sea level and is located just above our Clos des Forêts Saint Georges, facing east.
      The vines are co-planted and the Pinot Noir covers an area of 0.33 hectares in a shallow layer of stony soil with a mixture of sand, clay and silt.

    • Discover more

      - Planted in 2007 with fine grafted vine plants, this young vineyard is developing and just waiting for the chance to express itself.

      - Ageing in barrels, with 20 to 25 % of new barrels. Bottling takes place after 12 months of ageing.

      - The Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Nuits vineyard lies parallel to the Côte de
      Nuits, from Gevrey-Chambertin to the Bois de Corton. The appellation is restricted to still white, red and rosé wines produced in the area, which was defined in 1961 and covers 19 municipalities. The vineyard underwent a period of expansion linked to economic growth throughout the 19th century, until phylloxera struck. Between 1910 and 1936, almost half of the vineyard disappeared. Since the 1950s it has taken two generations of winegrowers working with mixed crops to patiently and bravely reconquer the vanished plots. The current generation is continuing this effort and is putting the wines once more in the limelight.

    • Food pairings

      Its fleshy fruit flavours and crisp structure make it an ideal accompaniment to dishes, such as beef fondue, country salad, chicken skewers with herbs or even aperitifs served with mushroom terrine canapes. The more powerful wines are a wonderful accompaniment to pork tenderloin and stuffed mushrooms, chicken émincé with mushrooms, and grilled beef steak with pepper. For cheese, try it with a mature Soumaintrain, Reblochon or Morbier. It displays surprising vitality when served with a cherry clafouti or a red fruit gratin.

    • Tasting Note

      The nose is intense, very dense, with lots of ripe black fruits such as cherries, followed by chocolatey and varietal hints. On the palate, the wine fully expresses itself with fruity and fragrant notes, enriched by melted and elegant tannins. Its freshness and aromas make this a wine that tastes of more.

      Géraldine Godot, Technical Director (June 2021)

    • The Weather

      After a mild winter, the vine growing cycle started early and the mid-bud break stage was reached in early April. This cool spring was not conducive to growth, which then slowed down. Flowering started in June and lasted for three weeks. A warm summer set in with recurrent heatwaves and a lack of rainfall, the vines held up and veraison started slowly in late July. It continued with a little redeeming rainfall in August, and ripening developed with very favourable weather.

    • The Harvest

      The harvest took place from September 12th to 17th, in excellent weather conditions.

    • The Grapes

      Moderate temperatures allowed the grapes to mature well, resulting in a harvest of exceptional quality. We benefited from the cool mornings to harvest Chardonnay. The quality of the Pinot noir grapes was obvious, with excellent grape soundness and an almost perfect balance of sugar and acid. This 2019 vintage will undoubtedly be fabulous.

Le Mont