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The movie of Domaine de l'Arlot
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Clos de l'Arlot (blanc) Monopole

Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru

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    • The Style of the Wine

      This wine is recognizable by its golden, brilliant and clear colour. The pleasure starts with the very fine nose which evokes white flowers and exotic fruit, honey and vanilla. It carries on in the mouth where one discovers a full, generous wine whose roundness, suppleness and freshness express the very notion of harmony. It concludes on a mineral note which sharpens its complexity.

    • The Terroir

      The terroir of the Clos de l'Arlot blanc is rugged and rocky. The hillsides are so steep that all work on the vines, often performed with the help of machinery, is done by hand here. Such painstaking work is necessary and worthwile for this vineyard of unique quality and character.

    • Discover more

      - The taste of tradition: for the Clos de l'Arlot blanc, aromas and flavours are extracted in the most natural way. It is fermented at low temperature to capture the best of the fruit character of the grapes and express the radiance of the great Chardonnay. Ageing lasts 12 months in oak barrels, with 20% new barrels, and 3 months in vats before bottling.

      - The particularly striking and seductive thing about this exceptional white wine is its tension, the rich contrast between the firmness and opulence. It perfectly illustrates the idea of a classic burgundy, made without any concession to fashion. It modulates the fruit and makes it play on the length of the mouth, to animate its originality and impose its seductiveness.

    • Tasting Note

      The first nose is worthy of a perfume, with all its aromatic complexity: exotic, fresh and mineral all at once. On the palate, creamy notes are subtly combined with the tannins of the wood ageing. This classy white wine will delight your taste buds both young and old.

      Géraldine Godot, Technical Director (May 2024)

    • The Weather

      After a mild, dry winter and the presence of a cold air mass at the beginning of April, spring-like conditions set in, causing rapid growth of vegetation. Flowering was rapid and clusters of grapes holded the promise of a generous harvest. The exceptionally warm spring and timely rainfall allowed good ripening in scorching temperatures. Our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay nonetheless retained a surprising acidity, making them worthy representatives of Burgundy.

    • The Harvest

      Ripeness checks were stepped up in mid-August and we noticed some blockages due to very high temperatures. This natural protection proved salutary, as sugar levels progressed slowly and acidity was preserved.
      Harvesting took place from 26th to 31st August. Only the Hautes-Côtes de Nuits plot was harvested on 10th September. The weather was fine and the volumes unexpected. The estate's yield was 38hl/ha.

Clos de l'Arlot (blanc) Monopole