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The movie of Domaine de l'Arlot
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La Gerbotte (blanc)

Nuits Saint Georges

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    • The Style of the Wine

      La Gerbotte often develops aromas of citrus fruit and white-fleshed fruit, mingled with aromas of fresh almonds and honey. It has a lively, agile structure in the mouth and reflects the precise crystalline expression of its terroir. It is a charming wine which can be tasted young.

    • The Terroir

      La Gerbotte comes from the youngest Clos de l'Arlot blanc vines, which were planted from 1992 to 2006. It could naturally claim the appellation Nuits Saint Georges premier Cru, however the domaine has chosen to classify the wine under the appellation Nuits Saint Georges Village. This wine fully expresses all the elegance and fullness of this terroir. Lying further from the other vines of the Clos, on a white limestone slab supporting thin ground, the microclimate is not as "sunny". All the elements come together so that the Chardonnay reveals a refined style, which is lively and mineral.

    • Discover more

      The grapes are harvested in the morning while temperatures are still cool, and pressed immediately. The must is then cold settled before natural alcoholic fermentation begins in vats. At mid-fermentation, the wine is transferred to barrels of which 20% are new. The wine will be aged for 12 months in barrels and 3 months in vats before bottling.

    • Food pairings

      Lively and charming, La Gerbotte is a white wine that is equally suited to congruent and to contrasting pairings. It works wonders with scallops, counterbalancing the rich texture of the dish to create the perfection. Likewise, with creamy cheeses such as Citeaux and Chaource. For a match focusing on freshness, pair it with fish or shellfish.

      These suggestions are offered as a guide, to spark your imagination for flavour pairings.

    • Tasting Note

      The nose initially reveals subtle vegetal aromas which soon give way to mellow notes of white fruit and hazelnut with a hint of aniseed. Notes of pastry are combined with a silky texture that coats the palate, counterbalanced by excellent acidity and well-integrated oak. This is a wine with strong character and great boldness.

      Géraldine Godot, Technical Director (July 2022)

    • The Weather

      After a very moderate winter, the mildest since the early 20th century, the vine started its growing cycle in March. The spring temperatures made 2020 one of the three earliest years on record. The flowering stage was reached in mid-May, and veraison began in early July. Rainfall continued to be scarce as the months progressed, particularly in July, and the scorching first two weeks of August hastened the start of harvesting.

    • The Harvest

      The harvest took place from 25th to 30 th August, with summery weather and just one rainy day.

    • The Grapes

      The early start to the season and the summer drought had a significant effect on quantities, which were close to those of 2019. Exceptionally, this year we observed that the Pinot Noir had reached maturity before the Chardonnay, so it was harvested first. The high level of tartaric acid combined with sun-drenched fruit helped maintain balance and freshness. The 2020 vintage promises to be unique, and heralds great potential.

La Gerbotte (blanc)